Guest Blog Post: Waterfit at the City of Waterloo is a Healthy Choice!

Healthy active seniors do water fitness at the Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex next door to Luther Village on the Park.

Waterfit is a great low impact exercise to manage soreness and stiffness in joints while getting fit at the same time.  The mild resistance through water jogging or swimming helps to strengthen muscles and increase your heart rate.  It will help burn calories, and decrease the risk of cardiac diseases. 

The City of Waterloo offers a variety of waterfit programs for older adults.

Better Backs, Posture and Core takes place in the swirlpool and focuses on strengthening the core muscle groups.  Gentle Joints is a program for beginners, and its main focus is meeting the needs of individuals who experience chronic pain in muscles and joints, or those recovering from injuries or surgeries. Our low impact class in shallow water is a variation of the Shallow class offering greater emphasis on minimizing the impact on joints by reducing the amount of jumping.  With each class modifications can be used to suit your own needs.

The City of Waterloo also offers older adult learn to swim programs if you are new to swimming and looking to build your confidence in shallow water.  These programs focus on basic swimming skills, water safety and an introduction to strokes.

With any workout it is good to check with your doctor before you start, and take it slow, working up the intensity. Swimming and waterfit  are very beneficial because they are low impact and let you go at your own pace.  No matter what your age is or physical condition exercise is always good for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

The Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex will be setting up an informational able in the Luther Village on the Park Atrium on November 19 from 11:00 am until 1:00 pm. Residents are invited to come and learn more about the Waterfit programs offered by our neighbours next door.