At the Village our top priority remains the health, safety and well-being of our residents and staff. Given the onset of the COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) pandemic, we are working hard to prevent and minimize the spread of the virus within our community. We continue to monitor this situation and use trusted sources of information. 


Atrium Suites Visitors:

  • All visitors and caregivers visiting Atrium Suites are required to enter through the main doors, register their visit and self-screen before entering.
  • Visitors must wear a surgical or cloth mask at all times during the visit.  Please come prepared.
  • Visits are not to take place in common areas within the building. Please go directly to the resident’s suite.


Sunshine Centre Visitors:

  • Indoor suite visits need to be pre-booked using our electronic booking system to limit the number of guests in the building at one time: Sunshine Centre Visitor Bookings
  • Visitors must wear a mask at all times. If the visit is indoors, a surgical/procedure mask is required. Cloth masks are permitted for outdoor visits.  Visitors are responsible for bringing their own masks.

  • We ask visitors to review our comprehensive Visitor Information Package prior to the visit. It is available upon entry at the Sunshine vestibule. 

  • Visitors must attest that they have reviewed the following links within the last month: Recommended Steps: Putting on Personal Protective Equipment, Putting on Full Personal Protective Equipment, Taking off Full Personal Protective Equipment; and How to Hand Wash.

  • Upon arrival, all guests are actively screened in the vestibule which includes a temperature check and review of COVID symptoms and risk factors.

  • As the Region of Waterloo is now in an "Alert" status, only one visitor is permitted at a time. 


External Care Providers:

  • External care providers are considered essential and therefore booking is not required.
  • Prior to each visit, external care providers must pass active screening in the Sunshine Centre vestibule.
  • Surgical/procedural masks must be worn while onsite. Please come prepared.
  • External care providers must present and wear their badge in order to be permitted into the building.