Opportunities to go out and explore new things may not be possible during this time. It is important to find ways to still feel engaged, connected and stimulated. Learning new things about art, culture and our history is a wonderful way to pass the time.

Luckily, some Museums across the world have decided to launch LIVE ONLINE exhibits for free. The best news about this is, as long as you have a computer, you can get involved from the comfort of your own home.

We have gathered the links that would take you directly to each exhibit as well as put together a little overview of each.

1) The British Museum Presents… "The Museum of the World, History Connected"

“An interactive experience through time, continents and cultures, featuring some of the most fascinating objects in human history.” You can interactively click on each dot and learn something new about that period. They have broken it out into Topic Areas to Interactively Explore Throughout History.

Topics to explore: 
  • Art & Design
  • Living & Dying
  • Power & Identity 
  • Religion & Belief
  • Trade & Conflict
chart that shows the history of museums

2) The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) Presents… “Born of the Indian Ocean” & “The Blue Whale Project”.

Born of the Indian Ocean Online Exhibit 

This exhibit will help you “Discovery the stories, silks, & history of Highland Madagascar”.

Textured photo that has a pattern using different colours of brown and yellow

3) Google Arts & Culture Presents… “The Live Tour of Versailles” 

“This virtual tour is like no other”. It is broken into three extensive parts…

  • Part 1: Stories from the Palace (from fun facts to long reads about Versailles through time)
  • Part 2: Artworks Up Close (explore the palace’s art & design, from royal portraits to iconic interiors)
  • Part 3: Never-Before-Seen Content (Enter in a new dimension with brand new 3D models, virtual tours & VR experiences)
The inside of the Versailles Museum

4) The National Gallery of Art Washington DC Presents… “Fashioning a Nation Live Exhibit”

“This exhibit provides a brief survey of American fashions from 1740-1895. Most of the costumes represented are formal or “fine” garments of the kind that were preserved and handed down in families from one generation to the next”. This exhibit provides insight from this time period.

Fashioning a Nation Live Exhibit

We hope you enjoyed these exhibits & continue to explore the variety of online resources being created & shared during this time.