What Is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a skill we can utilise in order to better understand our emotional and physical states. We can be mindful by paying attention to our surroundings, living in the moment, and really focusing on our behaviours, thoughts and emotions. Remember to treat yourself with compassion and let yourself be imperfect. Make a mental note of your negative thoughts and emotions but let them pass by without affecting your sense of self.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a way we can practice mindfulness. Often, deep breathing exercises are incorporated with a calm environment to create a quiet and reflective physical and mental state.

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Mindful moment practices:

In a moment where you are feeling overwhelmed, take a minute to pause and practice deep breathing. Really focus on each breath you take. Reflect on why you are feeling this way, and let yourself feel these emotions without judgement.

Mental body scan:

When you feel stressed or anxious, take a moment to picture your body holding tension. From head to toe, picture slowly releasing tension in each part of your body.

Mental Body Scan Steps:

  1. Sit, relax as best as you can. Practice deep breathing.
  2. Take in the moment, Notice the sensations of the movement, Breathe.
  3. Focus on your body. Feel where you are holding tension. Breathe.
  4. Start with your jaw- relax it. Work down your body, relaxing anywhere you are tense. Breathe.
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Walking Meditation:

Find a quiet place where you can walk back and forth comfortably. Take slow steps in a straight line. Really focus on each step you take, the sensations you feel and on your balance. Keep walking back and forth until you feel calm.

Mindful Emotions:

While practicing mindful meditation, we should focus on positive feelings while letting our negative thoughts and self-judgements pass by without affecting our sense of self.

Mindfulness Includes:

  • Non-Judgement
  • Patience
  • Open-Mindedness
  • Awareness of Emotions
  • Experience of the Self
  • Acceptance
  • Freedom
Incorporating Mindfulness and Meditation Into Everyday Life Image

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