Everyone possesses strengths and unique personality traits, although they are often hard to recognize within ourselves. There are many benefits to increasing self-awareness in this domain and understanding our value. Not only does it increase feelings of pride and gratitude, but also leaves us feeling more positive, self-motivated and well.


Types of Strengths

Generally, strengths refers to traits that come from who we are, our values, beliefs and actions. Do any of the following resonate for you?

  • Personality: Ambitious, determined, independent, creative, curious, caring or resourceful
  • Hobbies: Physically active, collector, crafter, musician, knitter, artist or continuous learner
  • Spirituality: Engage in prayer, have sense of connection to something larger than ourselves, or practice self-care (meditation, yoga or mindfulness)
  • Social Support: Family, friends, neighbours and other people in our lives that we bring joy to
  • Purpose: Work or volunteering we do that makes a positive impact on others or our community

Building Your Strength Toolkit

Now that we have explored different kinds of strengths, let’s try an exercise to identify yours. Before we begin, make sure you are in a good headspace and have some time to engage in the exercise so you don’t feel rushed. You may also want to get a pencil and piece of paper to write down your reflections and thoughts.

  1. Without thinking too much, write down the things that come to mind when you think about your strengths.
  2. Now, think about a past experience that was difficult for you. What strengths did you use to get though that experience?
  3. Ask someone you trust what strengths they see in you. Sometimes it can be helpful to have a different perspective.
  4. Finally, create your toolkit! List the strengths you have identified in whatever way makes sense to you. You can make a list, or try something creative like a collage or drawing! Leave it our somewhere you can easily access it when you need a reminder of all your strengths.

Residents wanting more information about strengths and wellness resources can stop by the Wellness Center or email Stephanie Pink, at spink@luthervillage.org.

For information on strength-based approaches and other wellness resources can visit the following:

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