Summer is coming to an end, and we certainly had some good times in August! As this was the month of JOY, we celebrated joyful experiences in many ways.

The production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat at St. Jacobs Playhouse was a delightful treat to start us out. We enjoyed a wide variety of performances on campus, from old time classics to jazz, gospel, and a full-sized band. We also hosted young campers from a Mennonite music choir who led us through a Sunday service.

To help us cultivate JOY, our very own Wellness Coordinator, Joy started us off by hosting a TED talk and discussion on Fostering Resilience. We delighted, once again, in our National Service Dogs visit, we mingled and socialized at the Joyful Pina Colada party, and we danced away at the DJ: JOY dance party in the Atrium. Ice cream flowed every Wednesday on the Treat Cart as we stayed cool and beat the heat!

On the Memory Care floor, we watched several travel documentaries and enjoyed getting to know places near and far. Our activities focused on a variety of JOYs, from the JOY of learning (TED talk and discussion - Finding JOY), to the JOY of Food (Banana Splits), JOY of togetherness (Birthday socials and sing-alongs), JOY of animals (National Service Dogs visit), JOY of nature (outdoor morning walks), the JOY of singing, and finally, the JOY of play.

We were able to meet our new Registered Massage Therapist, Marianne Barnes, as she taught us some relaxation stretches and we welcomed Westmount Pharmacy to outline all the wonderful services they offer our residents including delivery of food, frozen meals, household items and much more! Our Gait Aid workshop was well attended, and residents were able to ask questions about their mobility devices and even get minor adjustments and repairs done on the spot. The Atrium was hopping when the Lutherwood Foundation team came for lemonade day at the end of the month.

September is World Alzheimer's Awareness month and September 30th is National Truth and Reconciliation Day. The Wellness team and members of the Leadership team will be wearing orange t-shirts on Mondays this month and our flag will be flown at half-mast on September 30th. Our display board in the Sunshine Centre will reflect on both topics throughout the month and provide some information and resources for residents and families to view.

* The Wellness Team