May 11th marked the beginning of National Nursing Week and residents and team members alike took this opportunity to share their gratitude in hearts for all to see. It is important to share these messages and celebrate these individuals for all their hard work. 

paper hearts for nurses week

“Our Nurses are the greatest, happy, helpful & very gracious! Thank you nurses we really need you. You are our VERY great crew.”

“Our nursing team is the very best, I appreciate that we get all the help & attention required with a smile. We are so fortunate; god bless & keep well.”

“All the nurses are SO good to me!!”


“Nurses of Luther Village enjoy this week.”

“I love our nurses they are always there when you need them.”

“Luther Village nurses are true professionals and they radiate sunshine to all of us.”

paper hearts for nurses week

“Thank you for all the hard work, dedication and love you guys put in! The nursing team are an extraordinary set of women/men. Proud of you all.”

“Hooray for nurses, we appreciate nurses, & we love nurses. Thank you for your caring & kindness.”

“Many thanks to our wonderful nursing team for all the care you give… we appreciate your kind spirits and unconditional love & generosity!”

“I appreciate that you care for me while I am sick. You work very hard I admire your dedication, thank you.”

thank you written in all different languages

Wishing our team of PSWs and RPNs a wonderful Nursing Week.  Thank you for all that you do all year long, but especially during this pandemic. Your caring, compassionate hearts are an inspiration to us all!