September is underway and the Wellness team would like to share some highlights from August, our month of JOY!

Our residents participated in several meaningful activities to explore and express JOY, from sending notes to a friend, creating JOY boards and sharing “What brings you JOY” examples, to contributing to the creation of an LVP JOY playlist that is played in the Atrium and continues to be growing with song requests.

A special highlight was the Grand River Cruise that residents participated in and had a blast! This included wonderful food, scenery, community and companionship complete with fiddle music to enjoy and dance to!

Our memory care residents enjoyed a variety of crafts and music related to JOY including creation of sunflower and botanical leaf art and an abundance of JOYful music.

Many residents joined us for community building activities such as JOYful Cocktail Social where they enjoyed a cocktail or punch and were seated at a table for 10 minutes before rotating to another table to meet new friends. They had an opportunity to get to know each other through written out questions that sparked some interesting conversations!

From a fitness perspective, residents joined us for The Joy of Movement workshop where they learned about the benefits of exercise on our emotional and mental wellbeing and tried out some exercise techniques that can have a mood boosting and calming effect on us. This is in addition to their already established JOYful exercise routines.

Our entertainers, vendors and volunteers also supported our focus on JOY and incorporated the celebration of JOY into their performances in unique ways, sometimes by slightly changing the words to songs or by decorating our space with beautiful deep pink and fuchsia coloured flowers, our theme colour for JOY.

September will bring a whole new set of activities that we look forward to sharing.


Residents enjoying August the month of JOY